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Who we are...

The Cool Classics was formulated by Ralph and Francis in early 2022. The pair were enjoying a couple of pints at their local, the Bold Dragoon Pub in Northampton, discussing the cool classic cars future generations will desire most.

As young petrolheads born in the 1990s, the two set about developing a digital auction platform dedicated to modern classic cars, or ‘young timers’ as they are often called. The pair recognised that the poster cars of the late 1980s and 1990s were becoming increasingly popular amongst collectors; so the aim was to inspire younger generations to invest in and enjoy an array of cool classics from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s before they become out of reach.

The Cool Classics is not only the foremost digital auction platform for this generation of vehicles, but it’s also the only platform advocating for future generations. The Cool Classics aims to give younger people the confidence to buy now, explain later.

Meet The Founders

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Francis Robertson Marriott


Following four years’ automotive PR and marketing, Francis' obsession with automobiles and frustration with the digital sphere, sparked a desire to inspire younger generations of petrolheads to easily sell and buy their favourite wheels online.

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Ralph Major


With a background in service and hospitality management, Ralph pivoted towards web development to improve online customer experiences. TCC has been brought to life by Ralph’s technical skills; turning pub chats into a reality.

Enough about us, submit your Cool Classic today.

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