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The Cool Classics is delighted to bring to market two beautifully preserved modern classic Morgan cars, including a Morgan Aeromax for sale and Morgan Aero 8 via our Cool Classifieds. The two vehicles in question are currently owned by the same Morgan enthusiast, who has cherished these two examples with the same level of care and love that one would give to children, drawing on the college funds without question to ensure servicing and preventative maintenance has been carried out by the experts. Morgan themselves. 

In this Torquing Classics article we introduce the first of the two, the inimitable, Morgan Aeromax.

2009 Morgan Aeromax


The first Morgan in question, is the iconic Morgan Aeromax. A coupe that came in to being as the result of every student car design’s dream. Matthew Humphries, a Design student at Coventry University was on placement on with Morgan and aged 21 at the time, was tasked with creating a bespoke coupe based on the Morgan Aero 8 platform. The commission came from Morgan enthusiast and Swiss banker, Prince Eric Sturdza of Banque Baring Sturdza in Geneva who unequivocally backed the project, likely with a behind the scenese commitment to part with large sums of cash. 

The designs, which pleasantly surprised both the execs at Morgan and Prince Sturdza, led to one single coachbuilt example being produced and displayed at the Geneva International Motorshow. With so much interest from the general public and with the backing of the original advocate, Prince Sturdza, Morgan committed to producing 100 examples to mark the centenary of the company. All build slots were filled. Such was the power of the automotive show in the early 2000s, when enthusiasts with big budgets still visited the large halls of automotive excellence. 

For your first gig as a student, that’s got to be a highly rewarding moment. Humphries made history at the age of 21.


The Aeromax pairs classic curves with Gatsby level audaciousness – it is distinctly Morgan and yet it evokes a presence of youth and the right balance of past and future aesthetics. Morgan can be at times restricted by its heritage, but the Aeromax showed just how daring their road cars could be. The rear windows remind you of a Corvette Stingray, while the long elongated front quarter panels are reminiscent of 1930s Alfa Romeos such as the 8c Monza. The LED headlights, pinched from a BMW MINI are there to serve a purpose, but their jewel-style configuration adds a touch of modernness, as do the strip rear lights that follow the curvature of the rear quarters on either side. 


The rear wheels are propelled by the trusty M62 V8 in 4,799 litre form. This naturally aspirated bullet proof German engine is mated to a six-speed transmission, delivering over 360bhp to the rear wheels. With a weight of only 1180kg, this pushes the Aeromax to 62mph in 4.2 seconds and achieves 370lb.ft of torque at 3600 rpm.

The Aeromax shares the  aluminium-bonded monocoque suspension set-up with the Aero 8 on which it is based, but is 6cm wider and benefits from a metal ball-jointed suspension paired with softer springs for an optimum ride that isn’t affected even by the size of the 20” wheels on which it rolls. 

With a central seating position and a curb weight of less than 1,200kg, you enjoy an engaging drive rewarded at every inch of the rev range by those side exit exhausts. The plush leather seats envelope you, pulling you right into the heart of the vehicle where you are faced with a ‘drivers’ setup of minimal digital controls and aircraft like switches. Simply lovely.

Famous owners:

Back when new, the Morgan Aeromax attracted the attention of some of the world’s most visible petrolheads, including car crazed Rowan Atkinson, who famously crashed his McLaren F1 and Top Gear’s lovable Richard Hammon. The latter owned a particularly unique example featuring a manual gearbox but sold it only after two years ownership. The vehicle was bought by an Australian who declared they would be buried in it. Hammond responded by saying the following:

“He’s going to be buried in what I still view as my Morgan Aeromax. Obviously, I won’t want to buy it back because it’ll have his corpse in it. One of the nicer things about the car was the interior but a moldering Australian is not going to render it any nicer, is it? So, sadly that is one car that is very, very much and forever out of my life.”

Richard may have let his beloved Aeromax fall into the wrong hands, but you still have the chance to make sure this example for sale with us, doesn’t end up with the wrong bum sat in the driver’s seat…